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Mrs Leary: The Lady in the Courtyard

I am an ardent Real Person Slash fan... who is embarassingly in love with Colin Morgan... and feels the need to compartmentalise...

My LJ name comes from a Catherine Tate show Christmas special. Colin Morgan featured in a series of sketches as a young gay man. Catherine Tate played his mother, Mrs Leary. She was so relentlessly supportive of him being an out-and-proud gay that she was really utterly obnoxious, and I'm sure he'd have had an easier time of it if his family hadn't approved at all... I felt this was an appropriate persona for a devotee of RPS... :-)

Thoughts re the content of this journal, friending, and such...

This journal exists mainly as a place in which I post my Merlin RPS fic, which is mostly Bradley/Colin but sometimes involves them taking detours on the way to finding each other. There are also occasional outbreaks of fannish squeeing when I happen to have met a member of cast or crew in 'real' life. There are very very few f-locked entries. I don't post all that much personal 'news'.

I will always post a summary and link to bradleycolin and/or merlinrpf when I have posted new fic to my journal. If I manage to take any half-decent photos of our beloved cast, I will always share high-res copies on merlin_sceneit.

So! :-) Having clarified all that, if you would like to friend (or indeed de-friend) me, please feel free. You're very welcome, and it's entirely your decision. If you are friending me, and I don't already know you somehow, then I'll assume you're basically interested in keeping an eye on my fic (because that's the main substance of my journal). And of course if that's the case, then thank you!

I may or may not friend you back. If we've already established a real connection, or I want to keep an eye on your journal, too, then I probably will. However, like most of us, I am already juggling too many demands on my time and attention, and I'd rather not spread myself too thin. (Please don't take it personally if I decide not to. I may just be in hibernation mode that day.)

If you have any queries or comments to make about any of this, please feel free to comment on a recent post, or PM or email me directly. Thank you! ♥

Thanks are also due to readbeforesleep, who prompted my new lj subtitle with the comment (in response to my fic The Black Lace Mantilla), 'I loved the sexykinkysweetness of it all.'

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